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Sundial Group's goal to become the best organisation in the meetings industry will be achieved in an ethical and sustainable way. Sundial Group's actions, policies and strategies are based on our belief that ‘we are what we do'. Our CSR aims are categorised into four key areas:

• The Environment
• Sustainability
• Ethical Purchasing
• Opportunities and Social Engagement

Care for the Environment

We are aware of the impact that our day to day operations has on our surroundings and it is our objective is to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities.

We aim to reduce consumption, increase efficiency, switch to renewable sources and pay to offset emissions.

We have committed to provide the necessary training and support to all employees to ensure that they understand and are able to fulfil the relevant aspects of the policy in their day to day work. We are committed to continuously minimising the impact of our operation on the environment, in particular we will:

a. Ensure the appointed team members receive adequate training to help them carry out the installation, supervision, training and monitoring of the Company CSR Policy.
b. Promote sound environmental management policies and practices throughout the Group.
c. As a minimum, comply with the requirements of relevant legislation.
d. Make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy and water.
e. Minimise waste production as far as practicable and reuse/recycle wherever possible 
f. Reduce and where practicable, prevent pollution.
g. Maintain the company properties in an environmentally sensitive way.
h. Maintain plant and systems of work that are safe and without risks to the environment.
i. Control noise, dust, smell, vibration and other nuisance or environmental effects that may cause offence to the local community or environment.
j. Carry out environmental audits of all of our properties.
k. Operate a Sustainable Purchasing Policy that gives preference to environmentally friendly suppliers and products.
l. Review and if necessary revise this statement and policy on an annual basis.

We have appointed a Management team to install, train, supervise and monitor the company Environmental Policies and each Sundial Venue is working towards an individual action plan (headed by the green champion and General Manager at the property).

A target to reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted into the atmosphere has been incorporated into the Balanced Scorecard tool we use to assess our business. We aim to reduce our CO2 Emissions per Occupied Bedroom by 5% each year.

All Sundial Venues have achieved IACC Green Star accreditation; we buy hydro-generated electricity and are members of the Considerate Hoteliers Association.

Sundial Venues offer conference guests a ‘Green Meeting Package'; a free enhancement to any event, which encourages guests to support green initiatives through offering bar vouchers for those who arrive via public transport. Bedroom information cards in bedrooms encourage guests to be environmentally friendly through using towels and sheets more than once, unless they request fresh sheets and towels daily.


We recognise our responsibility to operate as sustainably as possible. We are committed to the reduction of Carbon Emissions and have incorporated a target to reduce this factor into our core performance as well as contributing and supporting PURE, the clean planet trust, which helps to finance new projects in the developing world.

Our Sustainable Procurement Policy governs individual departments' activities in all areas of purchasing goods and day to day operations within the workplace.

Current strategies include:

a. Development of local prioritised initiatives to respond to specific issues and opportunities
b. Recycling of waste to reduce landfill
c. Pay to offset the carbon emitted as a result of business travel by car and plane
d. Engaging customer and employees to contribute with facilities in conference rooms and offices
e. Reduce energy use, including 
i. Installation of energy saving lighting and general appliances.
ii. Incorporation of appropriate energy saving technology in all capital projects.
iii. Installation of motion detection switches for lighting
iv. Linen reuse policy at the discretion of guests
f. Sustainable Purchasing policy which gives preference to local and fair trade products
g. Financial incentives for car sharing
h. Carbon offsetting of all business travel
i. All Marketing Materials are produced on paper that, as a minimum requirement ,has been accredited by the FSC.
j. Aiding local charities and projects where possible

We have undertaken a Carbon Trust sponsored audit of our operations at Highgate House (our largest property) to identify opportunities for improvements to our current operations and help establish best practice across our group. This report indicates that the Conference Centre's performance in the use of fossil fuel is better than the level typical of "good practice" whilst the performance in the consumption of electricity is at a "typical" level and above what could be achieved when operating at a "good practice" level of consumption.

Other actions currently under investigation are:

a. Further reduction of landfill volumes and energy consumption
b. Composting of all kitchen waste
c. Increased recycling facilities
d. Development and implementation of an energy policy
e. Promote and encourage environmental awareness as ‘Good Management Practice'
f. Work towards a universally recognised accreditation scheme

Ethical Purchasing

Sundial Group spends several million pounds each year purchasing supplies and services, and gives preference to those sharing responsible practice. As such, we support sustainable attitudes, organic produce, and recyclable packaging.

1. Sundial Group's Aims and Objectives

a. Sundial Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality achievable throughout its activities.
b. Sundial Group seeks to achieve best value for money.
c. At all times Sundial Group will endeavour to minimise its impact on the local, national and global environment.

2. At Sundial Venues, the kitchens only ever use Free Range eggs from local farms, fish from sustainable sources and Red Tractor Accredited chicken. Preference is always given to British meat, FairTrade products, seasonal vegetables and local produce wherever possible.

3. For the required level of quality, the most environmentally friendly product or supplier will be selected. In line with the ‘Green Source' guidance issued by the Considerate Hoteliers' Association (of which Sundial Group is a member) we undertake to:

a. Buy local or UK-produced whenever possible.
b. Buy in bulk whenever possible.
c. Require suppliers to reduce packaging to a minimum.
d. Endeavour to ensure products sourced from overseas are fairly-traded or ethically produced.
e. Require potential suppliers to forward a copy of their environmental policy
f. Require suppliers to declare all circumstances where items are sourced from ‘unethical' sources.
g. Review suppliers regularly.

Opportunities & Social Engagement

Company Culture

Sundial Group is proud and protective of its reputation for fairness and ethics in all its dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders. Other policy documents outline the procedures governing these dealings in greater detail.

We are committed to operating in an ethical and responsible way. This is demonstrated through memberships of the following organisations, each of which requires adherence to a strict code of conduct.

b. Hotel Booking Agents' Association
c. Considerate Hoteliers' Association

Support for Personal Action

The inspiration behind Sundial Group, Diana Chudley, was a philanthropic entrepreneur who also established ‘The Ethel Floyd Foundation' to enable disadvantaged people to benefit. This charity is now maintained by the Chudley Family and receives on-going support from Sundial Group who support this and many other worthwhile causes.

Many of our employees are highly committed givers of their time and money and we are proud to support their efforts.

Charity Work

Sundial Group is a headline sponsor of Meetings Industry Meeting Needs (MIMN), a registered charity founded by leading figures in the UK conference and events industry. The objective of MIMN is to raise funds for worthy causes relevant to the events industry which may not have the resources to raise sufficient funds without additional contributions’.

Two of Sundial Group's Directors are particularly involved in charity work and are both Trustees of charities; Managing Director, Tim Chudley is trustee of Meetings Industry Meeting Needs; Learning & Development Director, Lucy McGibbon is trustee of The Chrysalis Foundation. All staff members are encouraged to become involved in charity work and Sundial's internal quarterly newsletter The Sunscript dedicates an area to staff members' charity involvement.

Sundial Group makes various donations to a number of charities throughout each year, worth approximately £3,000 per annum.

Sundial Venues operates a specific reduced rate for events for charities, allowing charities to save on costs wherever possible so that maximum money can be put into projects and campaigns.

Community Involvement

Each Sundial Venue works closely with its local schools providing work experience placements for students and, where possible, opportunities for local graduates. Sundial Group members of our staff often visit local secondary schools to share knowledge of the hospitality industry and give presentations on business topics.

Sundial Venues support their local communities through various activities, including hosting community green group meetings free of charge, supporting the upkeep of local amenities such as local churches and maintaining an inviting environment for local wildlife with the grounds of the venues.

Sundial Group's Learning & Development Director is heavily involved in higher education, specialising in helping students to become ‘work ready' and is a Governor of the University of Northampton.

Sundial Group's Operations Director (also Executive Head Chef), Jerry Toth, is heavily involved in the hospitality, and most specifically, culinary industry. A committee member of the British Culinary Federation, he judges local and national culinary competitions, giving time to support the culinary industry and professionalism of chefs in the UK.

Public Health & COVID-19

Please see Sundial Group's Coronavirus response here.