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Introducing Woodside, an Award-Winning Warwickshire Meeting Venue

Discover the unique values, exceptional service and dedicated environment that set Sundial's Warwickshire meeting venue, Woodside apart.

Speaker 1: "I think Sundial is the one organisation, which I can honestly say with my hand on my heart, everybody in the organisation lives to the values that they believe in".

Speaker 2: "If people are going to take the time out of the office to have a really worthwhile get-together and meeting, they want to come to place where it is not just about the meeting room, it's about the whole environment".

Speaker 3: "The reason for a good service is down to good communication".

Speaker 4: "We offer so much within the venues that you receive as part of your package, so there are lots of things on hand for you to enjoy and make your meeting the best that it can be".

Speaker 5: "Aesthetically it works really well for us. It fits in with what we stand for as a company, we are very innovative, design driven, so with the ascetics of the building, the landscaped grounds to one side and the lovely open field while enables us to marry those two off very well". 

Speaker 6: "We have an opportunity for people to have fantastic fun, doing an activity outside in the garden or possibly, doing one of our culinary activities or even just one of the indoor activities".

Speaker 7: "Teamscapes just slots in very easily into what it is I'm trying to achieve with the client. We always have a very clear objective and Teamscapes is a very quick way of helping people understand the impact they have as individuals on other people that they may have to work with".

Speaker 2: "When we have people in the business, they are always looking to add value, looking to help the client, and the fact that we identify that we're selling events not selling bedrooms like a hotel does, we actually are looking at the whole approach of the client and what they need".

Speaker 5: "Staff have been very helpful from start to finish, very accommodating, easy to deal with. I think that's the main thing, probably very easy to deal with and very accommodating".

Speaker 7: "I brought a group here who had never been to Sundial a few months ago and the evidence for me was very clear because the next day that individual spoke to his boss and made them move a meeting to Sundial because they knew it was going to be the perfect place for them. As an organizer of the conference I know if I go to a Sundial venue then everything is going to be taken care of".

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