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The Future of Meetings

The team at Sundial Group met with a group of event experts and event bookers to find out about their vision for the future of meetings. Prior to the forum, Sundial sent a survey to over 4000 event planners and bookers to capture their opinions for the future of meetings. Read a summary of the findings here.

“I’d like to know what you’re thinking and what’s in your minds about the meetings industry, about the use of venues, about the reasons you have meetings.” - Sundial Group MD

Jerry Toth, Sundial Operations Director: “We’ve invited potential clients and existing clients to Highgate House for a taste of Sundial. It’s just a forum to catch everybody’s thoughts and how we can improve going forward.”

Tim Chudley, Sundial Group’s Managing Director, “I’d like to know what you’re thinking and what’s in your minds about the meetings industry, about the use of venues, about the reasons you have meetings.”

Mary Healy, Equity Communications: “From clients that we’ve got coming through we do a lot of repeat business and they’ve still got the budgets, they still want the events to go ahead, they still want the meetings, they still want the same level of support that we give them but they want better value for money throughout.”

Sean Smith, St Andrew’s Healthcare: “We’re conscious of making sure that we bring lots of training programmes here, so across the charity people, at all levels, have been here for away-days, team development and other courses, so there’s an equal share of that pot of money and actually then it does fill that value.”

Debbie Hudspith, Independent Trainer: “But I’m interested to know, from your point of view, based in the conversations that we’ve had, what for you is the definition of value for money?”

Claire Fonville, Highgate House Sales Manager: “It’s the hardest thing to convey about value for money of the service, the food and how customers feel when they’re here but we tend to be able to use our client testimonials to demonstrate that. It’s about comparing total cost as opposed to just the top cost because we include so much; so we do talk about all of our inclusions as much as we can.”

Tim Chudley: “We notice in areas where we have picked up new clients, sometimes their previous experiences has been at the golf resorts or the places which are maybe perceived to be more luxury, I think in some ways the general trend for value for money and perceived quality, hopefully is going to help dedicated venues like ours.”

Mark Jones, Cambridge Business Training: “What I like about Sundial, where I think it differentiates is that you can bring 8 people but you still get treated as if you are a very important client and everyone gets really well looked after, you take those 8 people to the Hilton or somewhere like that and you are just a tiny little bit of revenue that’s not really important to them and they’re not really geared up to what you do.”

Graham Speechley, Business Leaders Group: “Every meeting we run has a speaker and we know some of them quite well but a lot of them haven’t been here before and when they come for us they’re very impressed with what you do.”

Testimonial: “We run about 20 meetings a year here now and we just moved one of the other groups that we used to have somewhere else into here – because it’s better actually!”

Tim Chudley: “We participate in a national bench marking for meetings venues, which is by far the biggest one, there’s about 20 brands in there including Hilton, Marriott and DeVere and people like that and we’ve always – for the five years it’s been going – we’ve always been number one for value for money.”

Nick Toombs, Nick Toombs Consultancy: “Once people have been to a Sundial Venue people say ‘really enjoyed it, when can we go back?’”

Sophie Thomas, British Equestrian Federation: “I never, ever, have to worry about an event that I hold at a Sundial Venue.”

Sean Smith: “They always treat us like an important person, the venue’s always in tip-top shape and it just makes the whole event that I run here first-class.”

Peter Thomson: “We do two events every month with Woodside, so of course we’ve known Sundial Group for many, many years and we’re looking to do a three day event with a lot more people. Unfortunately Woodside couldn’t cope with the numbers so where else would we go but come to Highgate House to see that and then we’ve come along to check it out and see what it is – we’ve already booked for a three day event in a couple of months time and having seen what we’ve seen over this last day, boy did we make the right decision! Just fantastic!”

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