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Introducing Highgate House, an Award-Winning Northamptonshire Meeting Venue

Want to know what you can expect when you book a meeting at our Northamptonshire conference venue? Take a look at our latest video to see and hear about our dedicated facilities, well stocked meeting rooms and exemplary customer service.

Speaker 1: "They have phenomenal customer service".

Speaker 2: "I think we contribute more to the events that run at the property because we have that can-do attitude".

Speaker 3: "We are a unique team of people and we work really hard at making the guest experience something unforgettable".

Speaker 4: " If people are going to take the time out of the office to have a really worthwhile get-together and meeting, they want to come to place where it is not just about the meeting room, it's about the whole environment". 

Speaker 5: "Value for money I think is the key. People are looking for that all the time and they are expecting something more now, I think, that sort of higher level of personal service that we provide here and I think that's the key to it and that's why we get so much repeat business here at Highgate House".

Speaker 6: "We offer so much within our meeting venues that you receive as part of your package, so there are lots of things on hand for you to enjoy and make your meeting the best that it can be".

Speaker 7: "Personally I use the venue for teambuilding events and also training courses. The feedback I get from all my course delegates is phenomenal venue, great service, it is just a pleasure to be here".

Speaker 8: "My primary objective for anything that I do, is ensuring that the client achieves what they want to achieve. And very often the events that I run, because they are business strategy based, we have a blank piece of paper and we need to be in an environment where they can really focus and not be distracted by other things and Sundial will always provide that for me. They'll always provide the right meeting room because they take the time and the trouble to find out, when I make my booking, why I'm coming".

Speaker 4: "We all know that technology allows people to meet remotely but I'm a great believer that people do need to have that face time, they need to share a drink together, they need to walk and talk together, they need to share a meal together. Employers need to bring people together".

Speaker 9: "We have an opportunity for people to have fantastic fun, doing an activity outside in the garden or possibly, doing one of our culinary activities or even just one of the indoor activities"

Speaker 8: "Teamscapes just slots in very easily into what it is I'm trying to achieve with the client. We always have a very clear objective and Teamscapes is a very quick way of helping people understand the impact they have as individuals on other people that they may have to work with. 

Speaker 10: "Good, wholesome, locally sourced produce; simply cooked, well seasoned, well presented".

Speaker 11: "Private dining is a great way to add value to a meeting and also add some excitement or something dynamic to any part of the event. It's a unique experience that Sundial is very proud of".

Speaker 4: "When we have people in the business, they are always looking to add value, looking to help the client and the fact that we identify that we're selling events not selling bedrooms like a hotel does, we actually are looking at the whole approach of the client and what they need".

Speaker 5: "When people start here, that they are very much aware of our key values. And it percolates throughout the business and it is really picked up by our customers. I love meeting people all the time, with new people or repeat customers, people you know on first name terms. You never get tired of it and if you get tired of it, you shouldn't be in this business".

Speaker 6: "People will enjoy their experience at any of the Sundial venues".

Speaker 12: "You know when you've walked in a room that everything is right and that's the key. Your meeting is the priority and you haven't got to worry about anything going wrong".

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