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Introducing the Sundial Chudbus

With over 45 years experience in hospitality, the family owned-operated Sundial Group is very proud of its strong family values. Before the purchase of Highgate House in 1964 as a family home, Michael and Diana Chudley bought a bus, in order to take their family of 11 on holiday! And so, the family adventure started, soon leading to them becoming minor celebrities around Northamptonshire. It wasn't long before news of the ‘Chudbus' spread when Gaumont Rank showed a newsreel (above) and the BBC broadcast a story about the extraordinary family and their bus.

Whilst in America the family were asked to appear live on Cliff Mitchelmore's Tonight programme which then led to them being approached by film makers to discuss using the idea as a basis for a movie - Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday! Almost 50 years later a newly purchased Chudbus was unveiled and the ‘new' (registered in 1964) model has been making industry appearances ever since.

The Sundial ChudbusThe Sundial Chudbus

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