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Introducing Barnett Hill, an Award-Winning Surrey Meeting Venue

Are you searching for Surrey conference venue for your next meeting or event? Get to know Barnett Hill, our dedicated meeting venue nestled within the Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty, yet conveniently located close to Guildford.

Speaker 1: "I know if I go to a Sundial venue then everything is going to be taken care of".

Speaker 2: "One of the main aims to try and treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves".

Speaker 3: "I think really the key thing is we're a fully inclusive package".

Speaker 4: "If people are going to take the time out of the office to have a really worthwhile get-together and meeting, they want to come to place where it is not just about the meeting room, it's about the whole environment".

Speaker 5: " We have a set of company values that we work very closely with and we stick closely to, but my team are fortunate in that many of them have been here for several years so they're quite well established and one of the greatest things is that people that come here regularly like to see the same familiar faces".

Speaker 6: "We offer so much within the venues that you receive as part of your package, so there are lots of things on hand for you to enjoy and make your meeting the best that it can be".

Speaker 4: "We all know that technology allows people to meet remotely but I'm a great believer that people do need to have that face time, they need to share a drink together, they need to walk and talk together, they need to share a meal together. Employers need to bring people together".

Speaker 7: " We do often get really lovely feedback and quite often it is focused on our staff and how kind and friendly everyone is".

Speaker 8: " What I know about Sundial is that I will always get what I expect, I will always get well looked after. I don't have to think about coffee, tea, lunch, all those things that get in the way of what I'm doing, I know in Sundial will be completely looked after for me, I don't have to think about it".

Speaker 9: "We have Teamscapes in the garden which is our team building activities".

Speaker 10: "We have an opportunity for people to have fantastic fun, doing an activity outside in the garden or possibly, doing one of our culinary activities or even just one of the indoor activities".

Speaker 8: "Teamscapes just slots in very easily into what it is I'm trying to achieve with the client. We always have a very clear objective and Teamscapes is a very quick way of helping people understand the impact they have as individuals on other people that they may have to work with".

Speaker 7: "We've got a few different private dinning areas at Barnett Hill suitable for different sized groups".

Speaker 11: "Private dinning is a great way to add value to a meeting and also add some excitement or something dynamic to any part of the event. It's a unique experience that Sundial is very proud of".

Speaker 7: "When you're in a different environment, you're away from home, sometimes you're in a different country, it's quite nice that you can get really nice staff that are able to help everybody out and make sure they're comfortable at their event".

Speaker 5: " We do a huge amount of customer feedback research, probably more so than any of our competitors and that's really what drives, if you like, the way we operate and the way we move forward".

Speaker 7: "The best bit is when you get that feedback at the end and we delivered what we said we will deliver".

Speaker 8: "very often the events that I run, because they are business strategy based, we have a blank piece of paper and we need to be in an environment where they can really focus and not be distracted by other things and Sundial will always provide that for me. They'll always provide the right meeting room because they take the time and the trouble to find out, when I make my booking, why I'm coming".

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