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News: Time To Blow Off The Big Smoke?

1 Mar 2011

London is seen as Britain's commercial hub. The place to be. The place to meet. The place to trade. But that's a vision that doesn't seem to take into account the Midlands and the wealth of business opportunity the region offers.

While of course many businesses opt for their headquarters to be in the capital, more and more are moving out and have colleagues working from home or regional offices, making the Midlands the best location for work meetings and conferences.

The award-winning meeting venue provider, Sundial Group offers a range of complete meeting packages in the region. Sundial Venues in the Midlands are easily accessible and therefore convenient, proving to be more cost-efficient than venues in London, which of course is particularly handy in the current economic climate.

Tim Chudley, Managing Director of Sundial Group said, "Sundial Group Midlands meeting venues are set in the beautiful English countryside, rather than the continual fast-paced nature of the City. They're also only an hour away from London, providing ease, comfort and convenience at the same time."

Highgate House meeting venue in Northamptonshire and Woodside, the Warwickshire conference hotel from Sundial both recently retained their Gold standard accreditation by one of the UK's leading market research suppliers.

Mr. Chudley added, "We're extremely proud of our meeting venues in the Midlands and time and we are continually told by clients of Sundial Venues' suitability for work events outside the Capital. Our teams on-site work incredibly hard to meet the demands of our clients which is reflected in the number of compliments we receive on our fantastic customer service and overall hospitality experience. For us, though, that's not going the extra mile - it's our way of showing our customers that we can simply and effectively help them to meet their meeting package needs without the hassle of travelling to London."

Sundial Group also offers another alternative location to London -Barnett Hill, a conference hotel in Surrey, is also a good option to keep costs down and to also ensure those attending have all of their technical and comfort needs met properly, in order for your meeting to go as smoothly as possible.

The complete meeting packages on offer at each location include residential and non-resident options as well as evening and green solutions. Each package includes use of a suitably sized meeting room, free Wi-Fi access, consumables, refreshments, parking, breakout rooms and the support of a dedicated meeting planner.

For more information about Sundial Group's complete meeting packages and each of its three venues, please visit http://www.sundialgroup.com.


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