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News: Sundial Goes Greener With Community Project

28 Nov 2011

Sundial Group has demonstrated commitment to its environmentally friendly attitude by becoming involved in a community project, through recently donating land at their Northamptonshire country house venue, Highgate House, for over 200 trees to be planted.

On the weekend of November 19th, in a partnership with the Woodland Trust, which donated 200 trees to Highgate House's local community, the Northamptonshire meeting venue provided a location for three new woods, comprising six breeds of tree and shrubbery. With the help of local children from Highgate House's village of Creaton, and the surrounding areas, the trees were planted on three areas of land within the venue's 26 acres.

The three woods set up in the grounds of Highgate House have been named ‘Childwoods' meaning a small group of trees, planted by children. Information boards will be displayed at each of the ‘Childwood' sites explaining the story behind the concept, while every tree has been labelled with the name of the child by whom it was planted. The largest of the three Childwoods is The Diana Chudley Memorial Wood, commemorating Mrs Chudley, who, with her husband, bought Highgate House as a family home in 1964 and later began running it as one of the first independently owned residential training venues in the UK. Three of Diana Chudley's nine children are now directors of the award-winning Sundial Group, a hospitality company renowned for its ethical outlook.

John Harper, spokesman for Natural Creaton, the nature preservation group responsible for the Chidlwoods concept said; "We are thrilled that The Woodland Trust and Sundial Group have donated land and trees to enable us to plant Creaton ‘Childwoods', without their support this project would not be possible. We are also delighted that children are being involved in this project as we feel the involvement and education of children is vital, they represent the future." John continued, "We hope that Sundial Group and Natural Creaton will be seen as setting a good example for raising the awareness for national and international biodiversity."

Sundial Group, who demonstrate their dedication to corporate social responsibility through the likes of charity donations, ‘green meeting packages', annual carbon offsets and two company Directors' involvement in charities including the Prince's Trust and Meetings Industry Meeting Needs, are proud to be involved in a local community project. Lucy McGibbon, Sundial's Learning and Development Director said, "Social and environmental responsibility is something which has always been close to our hearts at Sundial. We are very pleased to be involved in this community project through providing land for the Childwoods, where hard-wood trees will be bringing environmental benefits and supporting sustainability for years to come."

To find out more about Sundial Group please visit www.sundialgroup.com . More information on the Woodland Trust's community projects can be found at www.woodlandtrustshop.com.


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