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News: September Team Building Solutions From Sundial Teamscapes

1 Mar 2011

It's traditionally that time of year when businesses commence a major sales push, with the summer holidays over and the kids back in school. From now until Christmas the workload will only go up and up, but there is still some time to freshen up staff before the festive season starts, and make the most of the last few weeks of September's mild weather with teambuilding exercises from Sundial Teamscapes.

Office environments can sometimes lack stimulation for the mind. Looking at the same four walls day in, day out, can dampen the spirits of even the most inspired employees. Taking the team outdoors can revive flagging motivation and make an immediate difference to the way your staff engage with each other. At Barnett Hill in Surrey, Woodside in Warwickshire and Highgate House in Northamptonshire, Sundial's meeting venues in the Midlands and South London, the tranquil settings and discreet locations will only aid the recharging of mental batteries as your staff look to solve Sundial's unique team-building exercises in groups and teams.

Sundial Teamscapes can be enjoyed anywhere, from the office itself to one of the three Sundial locations or other offsite venues. At this time of year, the range of outdoor team building and problem-solving activities designed to aid communication skills and get the group working as a real team are incredibly popular. Each task is designed to not only be physically accessible to all participants and so suitable for all fitness levels, but also engineered to flex mental muscles and encourage specific tasks such as developing leadership skills and recognising the need to collaborate. Sundial can also tailor the team-building exercises to suit the team in question, providing bespoke activities where possible.

If the September showers are off-putting but the need to have a reconnected team pressing, Sundial Teamscapes also provides a choice of indoor teambuilding activities such as culinary-based tasks and indoor versions of the outdoor endeavours. Join competing teams in making cocktails and chocolates, the products of which can be enjoyed as pre-dinner introductions. Other indoor team-building activities are designed to hone a group's ability to work within resource constraints and to work collaboratively in solving these issues.

For further motivation, try out one of Sundial's Team-building Qualifications. Accredited by Educational Development International (EDI), Sundial's quality-assured Level 2 programme offers a tangible outcome from the event and is equivalent to a GCSE or NVQ Level 2.

Sundial Teamscapes take the qualification seriously and the exercises must be completed before the highly regarded certificates are handed out - they're not just awarded to those who show up! The learning outcomes of the qualification include recognising the importance of good communication and co-operation, indentifying different strengths within a team and utilising resources to maximise efficiency - all skills which can then be transferred back to the office environment for renewed spirit and verve in the workplace.

To find out more about Sundial Teamscapes' range of teambuilding exercises and to design a bespoke programme, visit http://www.sundialteamscapes.com.


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