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News: Charity Skydive for Sundial’s Finance Director

3 Oct 2011

In early October Sundial Group's Finance Director, Brian Howes, completed tandem skydive, in support for Prostate Cancer Charity. He reports below...

It was just after 4.30 pm on Saturday afternoon. We were at 13,500 feet and had just levelled out after a smooth ascent. Suddenly word was sent from the squadron leader to prepare to jump behind enemy lines (i.e. over the border in Nottinghamshire). We went for it - out into the unknown. The wind buffeted my rather fetching blue and orange outfit and it felt like the ack ack fire was coming from everywhere. But we made it down without a problem - mission accomplished, Biggles had landed!!

Hopefully you will be pleased to hear that I completed the skydive without mishap. It was a terrific experience and yes of course, I would like to go on and train to go solo, but I was told that you have to be under 55 to do that (age can sometimes have its benefits!!)

For those of you who have already donated to the Prostate Cancer Charity, I can't thank you enough. You've raised over £50! For those of you who still wish to donate please visit http://www.justgiving.com/Brian-Howes - it
doesn't matter how much and you can
donate anonymously if you want to.

Once again, I'd like to thank all my friends
who have supported me
so generously.

Over and out!



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