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Mar 19, 2013, 2:51:00 PM
Highgate House, Northamptonshire, Woodside, Warwickshire

With numerous awards already behind them, Sundial Venues is celebrating a new wave of accolades for their achievements in 2012. Retaining the Value for Money award, Sundial's conference venues are proud to receive the news that they also achieved ‘Gold Standard' accreditation at countryside meeting venue Highgate House and ‘Highly Commended' at both Woodside and Barnett Hill amongst being put forward for a number of additional short listings for other accreditations. Sundial Group's Agency Sales Manager Mia Butler also received the prestigious HBAA (Hotel Bookings Agents Association) ‘Tim Gasson' Award in recognition of her contributions to the industry.

Assessing a venue's awards before making a decision where to put your business is extremely important. The awards are a guarantee to a venue's credibility, quality of service and value for money. These awards set a high standard and a tough competition within the industry. The ability therefore to retain recognition in a particular category year after such as Sundial Group has with the Value for Money award, is an outstanding achievement. 

Tim Chudley, Sundial Group's Managing Director comments "Sundial Group has received the Value Money accreditation since the very start of the VenueVerdict awards. We are very proud that we have set a standard in the industry and year after year are continuing to lead the way in a high quality service and a reasonable pricing structure".

Such important and much sought-after awards are looked upon as important milestones for anyone in the meeting and conference industry. Tim Chudley continues, "We didn't just win one award, we won at all three of our countryside hotel meeting venues. This demonstrates that we really do put the customer's needs and requirements first and take pride in the quality of product we offer".

In the current economic climate and threat of a triple-dip recession, a Value for Money accolade from a prestigious organization such as the BDRC Continental is a particularly important feature to be able to offer.

Tim Chudley explains "it is always important for customers to be able to see the direction a business is heading in. It provides security in the services on offer and a company that continuously works annually to meet and beat their own standards says volumes about company ethics and the staff in their employment".

Businesses that are continuously honoured with awards and award nominations have obviously learnt to listen to their clients in order to successfully cater to public demand. They are, as a result, less likely to be affected by the financial environment and clients are able to clearly trust in company values, policies and procedures as well as the efficient organisation that is running behind the scenes.

For further information please visit: www.sundialvenues.com