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Sundial Group's venues believe in providing a dedicated working atmosphere that will ensure a superior learning environment. In short, this will benefit your event by ensuring your delegates absorb the material you present to them and remember it when they get back to the workplace. It is this attitude that separates genuine conference centres from other venues looking to exploit meetings and events as a revenue stream that is secondary to their main business focus.

We do this through our:

Specialist Venues

Our venues, unlike city centre hotels or landmark locations, have a principle focus on meetings, conference and training business. This means passers-by would not just drop in for coffee, we know in advance who will be on-site at our conference centres, and when, so that security can be maintained. Guests and delegates are required to sign-in and out at Reception and are asked to wear visitor passes. At Reception you won't see a board listing all the organisations using our rooms on that day. For ultra high-security events, we can arrange a doorman to stand at our gate and welcome every arrival.

Private, intimate UK locations

By being away from the office at one of our conference centres, your delegates will have a distraction-free environment in which to work. Using in-house facilities, however strongly you may insist upon not being disturbed, will never remove the likelihood of 'phone messages being placed under the door or the temptation of 'popping back to your desk' during a brief comfort break. We're not in city centres, we're in peaceful, countryside locations so ambient noise is simply not an issue. Our three UK conference centres are located in The Midlands (Warwickshire and Northamptonshire) and the South East (Guildford, Surrey).

Dedicated focus

Our team of event planners knows what events should be kept separate. Our experience in welcoming groups of people has told us that a conference group sharing the venue with a wedding party can destroy the mood for both occasions. Of course that is obvious, but many locations still will not hesitate to accept incompatible bookings on the same day. Similarly, by understanding our customers, we can avoid the embarrassment of arriving at a venue only to find your largest competitor in the next meeting room.

Meeting rooms designed for meetings

The meeting rooms at our Conference Centres are just that; meeting rooms.  They feature specially designed furniture and the facilities you will need.  You'll not arrive at a Sundial Group venue and find your event in a banqueting suite where the bar has its shutters down, the chandeliers block the view of the screen and the chairs are the same ones you used for dinner the night before.  Similarly, each room features natural daylight, proven to aid concentration and undoubtedly more pleasant than a room lit entirely by flourescent tubes. Meeting rooms designed for meetings.

A Flexible Approach

Our flexible approach extends across all elements of your event, from start to finish. Your arrangements are not tied to accepted conventions ('lunch is between 12-2' etc.) so we will adapt our service to match your needs. If that means starting at 7:00am instead of 9:00am, or operating a late check-out, then we will look at how we can accommodate this for you. We are governed not by processes, policies and procedures, but by a desire to meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

Why pick a specialist conference venue?